Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum and Tooheys Red Bitter

Not a scribbly gum tree

Illiards has reviewed Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum lager before. I only realised this when I’d returned to Sydney, but I felt that this beer porn was too good to waste. I’ve got to say that in this instance the porn was better than the real thing.

135ft wall

Illiards was pretty keen on Scribbly Gum, which he had on tap. I wasn’t as impressed as indeed was fellow BotF member Hutto, who was on the farm with me. Maybe it was the travelling that the beer did. The unusually sized 640ml long neck accompanied us to Chichester Dam, which was just up the road. This dam was built in 1925 and provides a substantial amount of the Hunter’s drinking water. All the recent rain has meant that the spillway is in use and it made for a spectacular back drop.

280ft spillway

As mentioned, Dungog is not a beer drinker’s mecca, and my personal supply was quite limited. I was able, however, to find one beer at the IGA Liquor shop not yet reviewed on the pages. There was a time a couple of decades ago when Tooheys really thought NSW beer drinkers were very thick and there two types of beer they were pushing – Red (full strength) or Blue (lite). Tooheys aren’t proud of these beers and relegate them to the “Other Brands” section of their website.


It’s Tooheys alternative to Tasman Bitter and at $8 for 3 750ml longnecks it is easily the cheapest piss you can buy (in the form of full strength beer, anyway). It isn’t total bilge water and works quite well as a sedative. If anyone can tell me what the farming implement is in the background of the beer porn I’d be interested.