Fishing Harbord Bowling April comp and Up the Coast

A belated blog and have combined last 2 weekends into 1  blog.

The April round of the Harbord Bowling Club Fishing Comp, the weekend before Easter, had wild and woolly weather in Sydney. The fishing was difficult with 30 knots south easterly winds, areasonable swell, choppy seas and heavy squalls of rain. The water was warm, although murky.

I fished Balmoral in the kayak on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. No sign of pelagic surface fish, a sign summer is on the way out, although there were a few sea gulls still sitting expectantly on the surface.

Saturday I managed to catch 2 undersized tailor and 1 frigate mackerel. This was my first frigate of the year, which took a small epoxy minnow fly with a  bit of fluoro pink in the tail. These fish are small pocket rockets and are really good fun on the fly rod, tearing off at tremendous speed.

Sunday morning, little less rain but the wind was still blowing strongly from the south-east. Out again at Balmoral for the same circuit out to middle head skirted past Cobblers and managed to pick up a bonito on the old favourite white marabou fly. That was pretty much it for the morning.

Back at the Bowling Club only 2 people managed to weigh in, myself and another pom, who fished the Roseville area for a few snapper, 5 bream and a flathead. The usual BBQ and beverages accompanied the spectacle.

The 2nd part was last weekend, a trip up to Point Plomer on a surfing, fishing and camping expedition with my son and another Harbord father/son combo. The surf was great, weather good, water warm, plenty of uncrowded waves and the boys were super keen. Lots of small waves at Queens and mid Plomer beaches kept the groms and dads happy.  Fished the beach at night, on Saturday night found a washed up chopper tailor, which managed to convert into a small flathead, a big angry stingray and 3 kilo jew (not a big one … but big enough for the BBQ).  Great spot Plomer …. although probably best not in school holidays – the camp site was busy.