Holgate Temptress and Murray’s Angry Man

A bull and cows

This BotF correspondent spent Easter at a farmstay, just north of Dungog. Trepidation, caused by previous disastrous experiences, was replaced by exultation as we had jagged a beauty. A great house smack bang in the middle of a working dairy farm was our home for 4 days and 3 nights. Plenty to do around the place as well, though the beer scene was meagre. Fortunately, I’d packed some treats that I’d been looking forward for some time.

Easter Treat

I wasn’t thinking of Easter when I picked up a stubbie of Holgate Temptress, a chocolate porter from the Holgate Brewhouse, but after I read Tipple’s review on Easter treats I made sure it would be sampled in lieu of an egg. I am so glad that I did. This is simply a magnificent beer, from the first scent to the last sip. There is so much chocolate in the nose, but it is not overwhelming or cloying. It is the same for the taste. This was so smooth and luxurious, and the chocolate was very evident in the aftertaste, but it all made sense. A great porter with a delightful chocolate twist. I know what to ask for Easter next year, but I won’t wait until then before my next one.

Hard to be angry here

My next treat came from one of BotF’s favourite brewerys – Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. Now, as one has come to expect from Murray, he’s produced an Easter Ale but has taken his inspiration from a Hot Cross Bun rather than the easter egg. Whilst I wasn’t that far from Murray’s place at Bob’s Farm – I couldn’t escape to try this on tap. Instead I had to “settle” for a stubbie of Murray’s Angry Man. Jackpot! This is droolingly good. Seriously, this might top Icon 2IPA. Angry Man is a beautiful brown beer in packaging, appearance and taste. Hoppy and malty all at once, this is complex and strong in flavour and alcohol – 6.5%. I tried to make it last, but just couldn’t spin this one out.

Great colour

Hopefully Murray’s Angry Man will be available on tap at the soon to be opened Murray’s venue in Manly. Back of the Ferry is quivering with excitement at the thought of being able to rip into a few of Murray’s finest from the tap. He’s taking over the old El Pco Loco site and is putting his own menu in as well. Hopefully this means we won’t have to travel to Bob’s Farm to try some of his new brews.