Balmy Autumn evenings and TfT

Big can, Big bottle

We’ve been fortunate to be able to entertain our Beijing based correspondent Tony from Toowoomba on two successive nights on the BotF. Sydney must be happy about that, because she has turned on some of the best April weather I can remember. Last night in particular was simply spectacular. Clear blue sky with a couple of wisps of cloud and balmy summer like atmosphere. A couple of us had jackets, which simply weren’t required. It isn’t often that TfT makes it to Sydney, so the BackoftheFerry boys turned out en masse.

4 BotF Correspondents

With Sydney entering a 5 day break because Easter and Anzac day roll into one this year, there was a holiday buzz on the BotF. There was 3 BotF style groups and a number of solo travellers enjoying the evening and some post-work tipples. illiards almost didn’t make it because the city had gridlocked due to a collision on the Sydney Harbour Bridge which delayed his bus. As we looked back to the bridge which would have resembled a carpark we toasted our good fortune to be heading home in such pleasant circumstances where no traffic jams ever occur.

A radiant sunset

TfT picked up a couple of exotics from a Manly bottlo and was most distressed to find that both drops had been blogged about before. Still, the presence of big cans on the BotF brings out the Benny Hill humour and plenty of sniggering ensued. Sapporo is a fine drop. This correspondent had the task of draining a 970ml long neck of Quilmes. The original review was unfavourable and nothing has improved about the Argentinian Fosters. It is close to undrinkable and by the time I reached the last 300ml, it was warming up and becoming even worse. The best thing about it was the photo we got.

It is always great to have TfT in town and he’s promised to fire off a couple of blogs from Beijing including a story on a microbrewery that has sprung in the hutong heart of the old part of town. It is hard to imagine a better way to entertain an old mate that on the Back of the Ferry and we look forward to TfT’s next visit.