Arrawarra Headland and brief jaunt to Angourie

On the way to Angourie yesterday afternoon, checked out many different beaches for a surf in a South Easterly wind.

We checked out half a dozen beaches, the Hoey Moey hotel beckoned in Coffs, but Lambo was determined to get his second surf.

Finally we arrived at Arrawarra, a point break with a mixture of 2-4 foot crumbling waves. The SE wind was not too bad, a little onshore making it a bit bumpy. A very long paddle out to the point was a prelude to more long paddles. Lambo and Rich got quite few, I managed half dozen waves, the longest of which would be well over 100m, maybe even 200m … will have to measure on google earth ….  will be up there as my longest wave.

A couple of long rides later, too tired to paddle out, washed up on the shore.

Back in the car and last night we finally made it to Angourie. Finding the other members of the touring party proved a little tricky, some of the guys were indisposed and uncontactable on the mobile but we finally stumbled on the right house. A few beers and bundies, a decent kip and the plan was to surf Angourie point. This morning an early morning stroll and the surf was 6-8 foot and looking pretty wild. No surf for any us (even the machine declared he was low on fuel) and the call was to drive back to Crescent Head for hopefully some better surf…