Bavaria 8.6 and Daylight death throes

Unreviewed, chunky beer

Tonight is possibly the last Back of the Ferry beer review during daylight saving. The summer months give BotF the best conditions to take great Beer Porn. When this blog started we only had an iPhone 3, which had a poor camera. We now operate off an iPhone 4, which is better. We’ve never tested an iPhone 4 in the winter months.

Already reviewed, but better beer porn

Often the beer reviewed is dependent on what is available at Mr Liquor, the bottlo that is closest to the Manly Ferry. Tonight they had a unique – Bavaria 8.6.

An important vessel

Given it was the last BotF daylight saving night we puchased it. We drank it half way through thr journey and were stunned by its strength. 7.9% alcohol and a mean spirit like taste, yet it was described a “blond beer”. We were looking for a session sculler with a 29 degrees blue sky journey home. Can I just say, as the reviewer that drank the bulk of this beer, it is not a sculler. Bring out your knife and fork.

Off she goes

We were serenaded as we drank our beer and had a winning bet at Scone by the dance of a P&O cruise liner and its Tug Boat. Whilst the industrial traffic may have diminshed, the cruisers continue to sail in and out of the Heads. The best place to witness this is from the BotF.

(BTW, you can only only have one 7.9% beer, so the back up was the previously reviewed Lucky Beer, which was the sculler we were looking for.