Railway Hotel, West(?) Melbourne and a Carlton Draught

On many a cab trip to Tullamarine, I’ve looked longingly at an awesome looking pub that rises above surrounding buildings next to North Melbourne train station. This afternoon I was able to stop in albeit briefly and I remain an ardent fan of this pub.

As you can see from the photo, the Railway Hotel is an absolute throwback. A spectacular 3 story special, it reminds me of many great buildings in Sydney’s glorious inner west. I wish I could attach multiple photos to an iPhone post, because the horseshoe bar is also an absolute classic. One can imagine what the throng must have like at 6 o’clock swill time in the old days and how many barmaids would have been required. I’m a hopeless judge of distance, but Bob Beamon would required at least 2 and maybe jumps to go from one end to the other.

There’s a small restaurant and a tiny beer “garden”, but for me it is about the public bar. It was about 5 when I arrived (and 5.08 when I left) but the small crowd looked regular.

The cider range was more diverse than the beer range, but in a joint like this it’s got to be Carlton Draught. Didn’t disappoint. Ice cold, crisp and clean. Gold, just like the pub.

Hopefully our Melbourne readership can explain why http://www.melbournepubs.com would have the pub listed in West Melbourne when it is opposite North Melbourne train station.