Surf Road Trip – Point Plomer

Towards the end of the first day, having checked out Crescent Head, which was too busy with long boarders for Rich and Lambo. We headed off down dirt track roads into the wilderness, past Delicate Knobby to Point Plomer,

At Point Plomer there is a small camp site with a handful of cabins and a fantastic point break.

Spent a couple of hours catching long peeling waves, easily 50m rides and about 2-3ft. At the end of the session too tired to paddle out, washed back up onto the beach and headed back to the cabin for a VB.

Spent about 30 minutes just after dusk fishing the beach, set up 2 rods, Rich minding the 1st one – he soon had a bite which was probably a ray which he ended up snagging on the bottom ……. not long after I pulled in a banjo ray on other rod and the called it night. A few more VB’s sitting round a camp fire and also saw an echidna when collecting wood for the fire.

This morning another surf at the point, great waves, the same as the day before and with only myself, 2 others and a pod of dolphins. Rich and Lambo headed down the beach to find some bigger 3-4 footers … lambo was barrelled a couple of times.

Cooked up all the food we had left, for double sausage, double egg and double bacon sandwiches and then back on the road.