Estrella Daura – Gluten Free Beer

By candlelight (No romance - Earth Hour)

BotF had no intention of specifically purchasing a gluten free beer, just like there was no intention of purchasing a light beer recently. In a hurry in a Melbourne bottlo, I’d seen a version of Estrella that I hadn’t seen before. It was only when I got around to opening said bottle, that I’d realised that I’d purchased a beer “Suitable for Coeliacs”. Now having read up a little on Coeliac disease, one must applaud brewers that are prepared to make beer that is gluten-free. To be gluten-free, you’ve got avoid amongst other things, malt, barley and wheat.

Suitable for Coeliacs

I’ve had one gluten free beer that I won’t name because it was awful, which is understandable when you have to leave out malt and/or barley and/or wheat. Estrella Daura on the other hand, was quite drinkable. Nothing exceptional, pretty straight old lager with no discernable maltiness. Not a bad effort given the compromises, but fortunately I don’t suffer from Coeliac disease.

Earth Hour

As the pictures indicate, this was consumed during Earth Hour. The fifth(?) Earth Hour was a pretty underwhelming affair. I barely knew it was on and when I saw the Greenies on the other side of the street with the lights on, I knew it had lost its cut through. The symbolic turning-off on lights on our major Sydney Harbour landmarks has become tokenistic.