Surf Road Trip (Wallaby Point, Saltwater Reserve)

1st report from the Surf Road Trip – at Wallaby Point, not far from Old Bar/Taree.

A Point Break, with peeling 3ft waves and only a couple of other punters. Lambo surfed the point, Rich and myself took on the beach break which we had too ourselves for most of the time. Amusing to watch the machine click into gear as Lambo caught a procession of waves and dominated the point, even longboarders struggled to steal a wave from him.

I managed to snag a couple of luck waves and Rich a few more. We were not alone in the water, a reasonable swirl, a splash and we watched a garfish dancing across the surface pursued by king or a salmon (we hoped). There was a little bit of spasmodic fish activity, but unfortunately no time to for fishing, back in the car and off up the highway with Lambo at the helm, still frothing about the waves at Wallaby point.

The car is loaded up with junk food, a few left over sausages and a case of VB – I am sure we will be surfing again today somewhere up the coast.