4 Pines Pale Ale and Manly magic

Pale Pleasure

A summer’s day in early autumn has seen 1000’s of people flock to Manly. Every half an hour the Manly ferry unloads hundreds of punters onto Manly Wharf. The Harbour side of Manly has enough attractions to keep people close to the wharf, but the majority head to the surf side. The best place to watch the tourist pack stream off the ferry and towards the Corso is the front veranda deck of the 4 Pines Brewing Co.

4 Pines Brewing Co.

4 Pines has bottled 4 of its beers, 3 of which have been reviewed on these pages. 4 Pines Pale Ale is available in bottles, but a great way to have it is on the tap at the source. The colour is an attractive copper and the aroma is very floral. It was a hot day, but I can’t recall a beer that quenched so quickly. On one hand, I was quite keen to take a long draught, but the flavour deserved a more sedate drinking pace. There’s plenty of hoppiness to savour and the length of after taste is solid. I’m looking forward to a solid session at the 4 Pines at some stage. On St. Patrick’s Day, they’ll be doing a tap version of their exceptional stout.

Bulging with tourists

Manly doesn’t need any more attractions to bring in the punters, but Adriano Zumbo has ventured beyond the glorious inner west and the Master Chef Studios to open up a store in God’s country. Conveniently just around the corner from the 4 Pines, he’s pulling in the crowds and people are queuing up for 15 -20 minutes to buy his macaroons, sourdough and sausage rolls. The premises aren’t much bigger than a telephone booth and I don’t know where he cooks his stuff – but its working a treat on the insular peninsula.

Queuing for Zumbo