Beez Neez and Stitch Bar

Originally for apiarists

Old & new transport

Another new Sydney small bar to get along to is Stitch Bar. Stitch Bar is so cool the Fonz wouldn’t get in. Unless you were looking for it, you wouldn’t know it existed. The entrance is disguised with a fake tailor’s office through which you pass to a set of stairs that descends into a surprisingly large space. Immaculately designed, the hoods of old Singer sewing machines hang from the ceiling behind the bar and the walls are papered with pages from books from a bygone era, including pages from sewing machine manuals. The food menu (look at BotF Bar Review) is succinct with burgers, hot dogs and sides.

Street view

These bars really aren’t looking for clientele like BotF. Like Grandma’s Bar (which I’m suspecting is owned by the same proprietors), the beer list is cursory. Monteith’s Original and Golden and Tiger is all that’s on offer. Classy, but really they’re saying – not after beer drinkers here. That’s fine, but don’t poke us in the eye and stamp on our toe and charge us $9 a pop and then present us with our change on the extremely irritating silver tray. I’ll return on someone else’s coin and order a cocktail (maybe) – but Stitch Bar is ticked off.

There's no bar here your honour!

The descent

Summer’s having one last crack in Sydney and the yachts are abounding on the harbour. illiards and bladdamasta enjoyed a balmy evening, punctuated by plenty of horn work from our ferry master as he negotiated the mid-week water warriors. One day, we’ll t-bone a yachtie.
The beer du jour was Beez Neez. I’ve felt that this was a little bit of a gimmick and a quick google indicates that it actually is. Our favourite brewers at Matilda Bar don’t hide that this was originally a one-off for the directors of Capilano Honey one Christmas. Beez Neez is a wheat beer with that is softened with a dollop of honey. It’s a really good summer beer. Not too wheaty and the addition of the honey is by no means cloying or dominating. Get into it.