Peroni (real and fake), daylight savings threat and St.George to lose

Nastro Azzuro Peroni v this - difference?

All the founders were out the BotF on a cloudy but temperate Sydney autumn evening. Not too sure what determines when daylight savings ends, but wonderfully for this year, daylight savings doesn’t end until 2011. Enjoy it whilst you can, because it is under threat from the NSW National Party. This is significant because the bloke suggesting that daylight savings be shortened is likely to be the Deputy Premier after the upcoming state election. The Liberals will have to throw some bone to their junior coalition partner and this might be it. I remember the heat this debate caused in Queensland which is further North, but hopefully it won’t generate the same hysteria that caused the classic claim that “Daylight Savings causes my curtains to fade faster”. Finally, BotF finds a political cause to oppose.

pommy_ch would hope that there was as much certainty about St.George losing the NRL this year as there is about the NSW Coalition winning in 11 days time. pommy_ch, like a seagull onto a sick prawn, jumped to give 2 to 1 to bladdamasta on St.George winning the premiership. Skinny odds for bladdamasta given the available odds as discovered by illiards using the wonders of mobile communications. The currency of the bet is cases of beer, and pommy_ch betrayed some nerves by slipping in a condition just as hands were shaken “I’ll choose the case, if I lose”. “Sure” replied bladdamasta “As long as it’s not Tasman Bitter”.

St.George to lose

bladdamasta would be perfectly happy to receive two cases of tonight’s beverage – particularly on a hot October evening. This version of Peroni is to Nastro Azzuro as Boags Draught is to James Boags Premium. That said, the Peroni we tried doesn’t compare unfavourably to its more widely available and more expensive counterpart. For lovers of malty beer, this is the go. It’s a pretty clean, eminently quaffable lager with a reasonable malty kick. An uncontroversial and pleasing beer. There’s plenty happening on the Italian website including an amusing looking rugby player who looks like a skinny version of Brendan Fevola.

Nastro Azzuro is more controversial because a number of Aussies are only just starting to realise that in many instances Nastro Azzuro is brewed on the Central Coast the same mob that brew Blue Tongue. One bloke was so upset that he started a blog on the topic. #brewedunderlicencefreemarch is trying to incite fury about the increasing trend for iconic beers to be brewed in a country (usually Oz) other than their origin. He hasn’t done too bad with the Australian picking up his beef and running an article on it. BotF picked up on this trend some time ago. Kronenbourg brewed in Australia and Sapporo brewed in Canada, but BotF probably cares more about daylight saving than fake Peroni.