Toohey’s Extra Dry Platinum, Dave Faulkner solo and Snaketide

Rocket Fuel

Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club was the venue for Snaketide‘s latest performance. The Freshwater SLSC is a sensational venue with ocean views, a big room for the band and plenty of areas to get away from it if you need to. The right sized crowd for the venue had assembled and Snaketide put on two outstanding sets.

The theme of the evening -a fund raiser for the Captain Courageous Bone Marrow Failure Research charity – was 80’s beach party. Your correspondent hasn’t thrown out much of his stuff from that era and it wasn’t a stretch. I’m not sure what beach the Snaketide boys went to in the ’80s – but glam metal was more the look achieved. I don’t think any musician has achieved the look adopted by Tarants, Snaketide’s 6th and best bass-player, but it will stick in my mind for some time. Derek Smalls would have been in awe.

Snaketide plus 1

Splitting Snaketide’s two sets was an appearance by one of the greatest songwriters and performers Australia has ever produced. He performed “My Girl” and “Like, Wow, Wipeout” with some of Snaketide and then gave a solo rendition of “Come Anytime” and the Gurus greatest tune (in my humble opinion) “1000 Miles Away”. Despite the burden of coming back after Dave Faulkner, Snaketide produced a barnstorming finish and their closing trifecta always cheers the punters – First Date, Mexico and Overdrive. Listen to Mexico on Unearthed.

Dave Faulkner + acolytes

An occupational hazard of performing live is getting the pre-game Dutch Courage balance correct. It was a gamble to go with a stubbie of Toohey’s Extra Dry Platinum, given its powerful 6.5%, but that was balanced later with a few stubbies of appalling Blue Tongue Premium Light. This beer’s a bit of mystery. It has no web presence other than a blurb on the Lion Nathan brands page, and I can’t recall any advertising for it. Its baby brother, Toohey’s Extra Dry or TED, is the 5th biggest selling beer in Australia and has a trendy (but crappy) interactive site. Hard to work out why they are quiet about it. It’s no worse that TED and you can actually taste the extra kick. A couple of BotF’s shared an 8 pack (not a misprint) when the Manly Ferry was taking almost 40 minutes due to wharf repairs and we both knew we’d been on a ferry trip.