Sol & Fajitas

Sol is not a great beer, but it is held in fond regard by this BotF correspondent as it was the 6 pack of choice consumed in the 6-pack-BotF-trip of 2008. Before the BotF blog was created, the challenge was laid down to down a 6 pack on the CQ to Manly trip. Standard BotF etiquette applied and the attempt could only commence after the ferry had left the dock. Sol proved to be the ideal choice as it comes in a 330ml bottle and is extremely easy to drink. Not sure if that’s a characteristic a beer strives for “Easy to neck quickly” – but by Fort Denison 3 were gone, and it was a pretty standard trip from there.

This particular bottle was consumed at the Manly Mexican which has taken the place of the now departed Montezumas as Manly’s best Mexican. It used to be BYO beer, which was awesome – now $6 Coronas and Sol and Sangria, which Mrs BotF struggled with. Fortunately, it is still BYO wine.

Sol is made by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma (now owned by Heineken), which would appear to be responsible for half the beer that comes out of Mexco, including Bohemia, Carta Blanca and Dos Equis. Apparently there is now a Sol with added lime and salt. Hmm.

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