Hitachino Nest Red Wine Ale and Mort Subite – Pink Beer

Red Rice Ale

Rose Pink

Beer that is coloured other a shade of brown, amber or black just doesn’t look right. Green beer on St.Patrick’s day is a classic example – but that’s just food dye added to shit beer. The two beers described below are actually meant to be coloured pink – but that doesn’t make look them look appealing.

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale is a most unusual beer that is made with Red Rice, along with the usual malt and hops. The label promised a fruity taste, which was kind of there, but the aftertaste was quite tart. Solid alcohol strength too, make this beer not a sipper. Not sure if I could go another – too sharp for me, but worth trying for yourself.

Mort Subite

Mort Subite is more understandably pink. It is a raspberry flavoured Lambic Beer brewed by Brouwerij De Keersmaeker, which has ultimately been taken over in a domino effect of takeovers by Carlsberg and Heineken. Lambics have been made fr 500 years and come in all sorts of flavours. They are definitely an acquired taste. Sweet and tart all at once, this is an unusual drop.

How Mort Subite got its name is told on a website of a pub bearing the beer’s name.

“About 1910 Mr. THEOPHILE VOSSEN ran an establishment called “LA COUR ROYALE”. Amongst his many customers were a lot of employees working at the National Bank of Belgium. Those employees passed their time in the pub playing a dives game called “421”. Before returning to the office , the employees played a quick last game and the one who lost was called the: “MORT SUBITE” or the sudden death.”