The BotF Cider List

The growth of Cider cannot be ignored. Unlike the cooler craze of the late ’80s, there are significant indicators that Cider will be a more long lasting trend in Australia’s alcoholic beverage landscape. For example, did you ever hear of a “Cooler Bar”, being opened? Cider Bars are starting to open in Sydney. There’s a history to cider and natural produce is heavily involved. With coolers, grapes were allegedly involved, and the closest Wild Peach ever got to a peach was being sold in a liquorland next to a bottle of peach schnapps.

So with that predicted longevity, BotF has decided to create the BotF Cider List. The other good thing about Cider is that there are plenty of countries getting in on the act. It is doubtful that the list will get to 39 countries in a year like the BotF Beer List, it’ll get into double figures soon.

Currently the list sits at 8 ciders reviewed from 4 countries.

Cider  Brewer Country
Kelly Brothers Sparkling Cider Kelly Brothers Brewing CoYarra Valley Australia
Snowies Blonde Cider  Hunter Valley Australia
Natch Gaymer Cider CompanyShepton Mallet, Somerset England
Katy Thatchers Cider Company LtdSandford, Somerset England
Pheasant Plucker Scrumpy Cider Broadoak Cider CoClutton, Somerset England
Thatchers Scrumpy Jug Thatchers Cider Company LtdSandford, Somerset England
St. Heliers Pear Cider St.HeliersSt. Heliers Jersey
Escanciador Sidra Sidra EscanciadorVillviciosa Spain
4 Countries   8 ciders