Dos Equis Ambar and bye-bye LHI

The final night on Lord Howe Island was spent picnicing on the Lagoon watching the sunset – aaaah. If you are on the water at Lord Howe, it is impossible to find a dud view. The lagoon typifies that. You look south to the twin peaks of Lidgbird and Gower with their cloudy crown and north to North Bay and Mt. Eliza.

The best view on Lord Howe Island was from the top of Mount Gower, and I probably matched the best beer of the trip with that vista – Sleeping Giant IPA. To be fair to the Dos Equis Ambar -I probably didn’t give the best opportuniuty to shine, and will give it a repeat tasting. By now I don’t remember much about it – it didn’t leave much of an impression. Nothing wrong with it – nothing memorable about it. Dos Equis Ambar was the subject of a very amusing entry to a blog that BotF enjoys. A Great Set of Tipples is worth a read, and his Dos Equis Ambar experience is a classic example.

Unless a BotF correspondent gets back to Lord Howe Island (which wouldn’t be a bad thing), that’s it for the LHI posts.