Arriba Importada, Boats on a boat and a beer pornographer at work

The only reason to drink this beer is to add to the number of countries on the BotF Beer List. Arriba Importada comes from El Salvador’s capital city, San Salvador. El Salvador becomes the 39th country represented on the BotF Beer List. That is about as exotic as it gets for this Corona wannabe, other the brewer’s name – Cerveceria La Constancia S.A.. The brewer is a subsidiary of SAB Miller, and Arriba is made only for export – it would appear not to be available in El Salvador. The El Salvadorean Fosters perhaps. These guys also make Cantina, which looks almost the same.

Beer’s pretty bland, and has the advantage of being $10 – $14 cheaper a case than Corona, which is its direct competitor. A good summer beer, improved by jamming a thick wedge of lime in the neck.

The key attraction of this particular ferry journey has been well documented separately (Bath Ales), but we’d never seen the type of boat on the harbour that we saw the other night. It was a boat that was full of boats. Not surprising I guess, and it is like a truck that carries cars. You’d want the weather to be pretty benign with that sort of cargo. We think that the boat was making a delivery, rather than being an exotic repo man.

BotF gets plenty of weird, bemused and amused looks when creating beer porn. Here’s a photo of a beer pornographer in action. Bath Ales never looked so good.