Kozel Dark & Humpty Mick’s

The most reliable place for a beer on Lord Howe Island is Humpty Mick’s. This fine establishment is given a full description on the BotF Bar Review Map. It is very versatile opening at 8am for breakfast and shutting when it needs to. Live music happens from time to time and lunch and dinner is served as well. You could probably get a beer at anytime if you wanted, and the good thing is that there is plenty of choice. The Pure Blonde, VB and New is complemented by Asahi – complete with the Asahi schmiddy.

The bottled beer selection totals probably 20 or so and BotF was delighted to see that two varieties of Kozel were available, including one that hasn’t graced these pages – the extremely fine Kozel Dark. Whilst drinking at Humpty Mick’s is a great experience and any beer would taste good – Kozel Dark is excellent. 500ml of pure dark pleasure – even though the alcohol strength is 3.8%. Lovely colour, really malty – but not too sweet. A belter of a beer, and would taste good in the shitest of surrounds.