Bath Ales Down Under

Transported Down Under, not in a boat but stowed in a suitcase, a gift pack of Bath Ales made their way to Oz, the great Southern Land.

Bath Ales is one of the West Country’s most popular and finest ranges of beers, one of my favourites is the Gem Ale which I have sampled at many pubs and rugby clubs.

On my last trip to my family home in Bristol, I visited the Bath Ales brewery in Warmley to pick up a few supplies of beer, a couple of tee shirts and a gift pack of Gem Ale, Wild Hare’s Pale Ale, a Dark Hare(stout) and a Barnstormer(dark beer). The latter two are still waiting for a special occasion (will have to find a reason sooner rather than later).

After much deliberation and with a stopover in Singapore where liquids are not allowed as hand luggage, I decided to wrap up the beers amongst clothes and risk them travelling in the suitcase. Off they went at Heathrow and to my relief when I picked the suitcase of the carousel at Sydney airport there was no beer wet patch to be seen. On the way out of the airport, spoke to the customs officers who queried regarding food stuff, “no” only a couple of beers – no problems off you go.

Meeting up with fellow BOF’er’s, the Gem ale and the Wild Hare Pale Ale were photo’d where else but on the back of the Manly ferry on the way home from work.

The Wild Hare’s pale ale was blogged back in October on my last trip to the UK. The Gem Ale is a fine amber ale, not too strong though at 4.8% in the bottle, it is an easy drinking English best bitter and now although many pints have been tried and tested it can now be added to the BOF list. The boys from Sydney might want to comment further but for me, it is a great beer.  

Only problem, too my friends back in Warmley, any possibilities you can export a few Down Under, I am sure they will be gratefully received. Have had no luck finding any in Oz.

PS. Put up a picture of the last day at the Ashes (the tee shirt got an outing with the Barmy Army)