Icon 2IPA – Murray’s Craft Brewing Co’s finest moment

To quote one of this correspondent’s daughters – OMG.

Possibly the bucolic setting contributed, but this stubby of Icon 2IPA was one of the finest beers I’ve consumed.

In this instance label hyperbole is justified. “this is not a beer for the faint-hearted”. A single sniff after opening indicates that an assault on the senses is coming. Violent hoppiness that’s harder than a right from Earnie Shavers.

The taste is simply awesome and large. Wonderful bitterness that lasts and lasts. There’s a real spiciness to this beer that is nothing but enjoyable.

It pours surprisingly copper coloured with a reasonable head and looks good, but this is a beer for drinking not looking at.

At a robust 7.5%, this is hardly a session beer, but right now I regret only buying one.