Mad Brewer’s Orchard Ale – beer verging on cider

This 640ml longneck (a schmiddy version of a longneck) was lurking on a shelf in an Avoca Beach bottlo.

Research reveals it was launched in January ’10 by a side label of the Malt Shovel Brewery, the makers of James Squire.

Mad Brewers is a great idea that gives free rein to a hardworking brewer to make a beer that doesn’t have immediate commercial appeal. I haven’t seen any version before until now.

20% of this beer is made from unfermented apple juice supplied by a cider maker. There’s wine yeast involved as well as a beer mash. Technical name is a Saison.

A long neck (even a schmiddy style long neck) gives you plenty time to taste this and give it the fairest chance. Pours like a beer but looks like a devondale fizzy apple drink.

Despite the presence of fruit, I found this tart at all times. There’s a cider feel big time to this beer. This could be a really good session beer. Don’t know if it was a one-off, but if you see it grab it.