Hoegaarden and Cyclonic Conditions in Queensland

TfT, BotF’s  Beijing correspondent is home with the family and back at our beloved Rainbow Beach http://www.rainbow-beach.org/ for a couple of weeks of rest from the severe Chinese northern winter.  Despite similar conditions being experienced in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race TfT ventured out with family and friends in a newly acquired Quintrex Tinney in search of mud crabs and Mangrove Jack.  Unfortunately the “white cap” trip through Tin Can Bay only yielded a very handsome “Jenny” which was promptly thrown back into the water despite prostestations that they taste exacly the same as Bucks.  The Mangrove Jack’s were elusive as usual.  However we manage to save another Tinney which more than justified a stubbie of Hoegaarden http://www.hoegaarden.com/AgeCheck/display.  I suspect that this fine ale has already been sampled by BotF but none the less is worthy of a second mention.  After an old Sea Dogs day on the water the malty warm flavours of the Danes’ Hoegaarden was to use John Elliotts description of Fosters “like an Angel crying on your lips”.  This is definitely a keeper but if I am correctly informed AUD 80.00 a box is a little xxx’y side of the ledger.