Coopers Premium Lager – The Tipple on the last BotF trip for 2010

For the first time in a decade BotF is working between Christmas and New Year. Given that a decade ago BotF wasn’t even catching the ferry because the founders were living in the glorious Inner West of Sydney, we haven’t experienced the 5.30pm at this time of year.

It’s fair to say that the experience was unlike any experienced on the back of the ferry until now. There was one worker (BotF) and literally 100 tourists on the back deck and the upstairs veranda bar. Fortunately years of experience meant that BotF was able to assume the primary position on the back of the ferry (ie central position at the very back). There was probably 200 tourists that circulated through to get the el primo shots of the coathanger and the Sydney Opera House, whilst BotF worked his way through a trio of Coopers Premium Lager.

The pot pourri of races was enlightening. Swedes, Poms, Germans, French, leftover African Americans from the Oprah visit and many Middle Easteners jockeyed for poses and prime shots. Hopefully BotF featuered in a few shots as he sipped on a fine South Australian beverage. Loved the presence of the Middle Eastern garb, which was a welcome change from the two blue shirted security guards that occasionally interrupt imbibing. Not sure whether the two shirtless, lobster red blokes were Poms or Blacktown boys. Some had worked out the opportunities of BotF and there was some French blokes enjoying Tooheys New.

The beer itself could not have contrasted more wildly from last night’s fare. Icon 2IPA was a hoppy extravaganza – Coopers Premium Lager says it’s “All Malt”. Are there any hops at all? Doesn’t matter. This is fine summer drinking. If drunk cold, this is fine. Plenty of fizz, very refreshing and a great crisp taste. Nothing bland, there’s a taste I can’t put my finger on, but whatever it was it was enjoyable. A relative rarity in the Coopers Range in that the iconic circle doesn’t appear on the label. I’d go back to this again and again and again.

A wonderful afternoon on the greatest way to get home in the world – and a good beer as well.