Vale Dry – a worrying confluence of unwanted trends

BotF’s Christmas present to himself was a new beer from McLaren Vale Brewing Co., which he had been looking forward to ever since he and Tony from Toowoomba got stuck into a heap of Vale Ales some months ago. That was a sensational drop and the anticipation has been rising since being alerted to a new variety on Facebook.

This eagerness caused this correspondent to ignore the two unwanted beer trends followed by this brewer – 1) the 4 pack; and 2) the 330ml bottle. These can be ignored when what is contained in the bottle is sensational or unique (or someone else is paying). Unfortunately, that is not the case with Vale Dry. It isn’t a bad beer. The packaging is very stylish, the contrast to the Vale Ale design is clever and they’ve at least produced a different bottle-top.

Vale Dry is crisp, clean and smooth – it’s just that it is good, not great – and doesn’t justify a four pack. At least make it 5.2% or something like that, fellas.