Palm Beach exotica, St Peters Golden Ale, Erdinger Dunkel

BotF’s newest member – Bi-eh – has been enjoying his brief sojourn in Australia, and got into the BotF swing of things by purchasing two beers that have not yet made it to the BotF Beer List. That can be hard to do, but there are a couple of bottlos on the far north of the insular peninsula that always seem to have some new beer exotica available.

The first beer was the second in as many posts from Suffolk. BotF had barely heard of the place, and now two beers in a row. It’s the second beer in a month from a brewery called St Peters. Both have distinctive packaging, though the St Peters Australia favours functionality of bottles over the aesthetic qualities pursued by the St Peters England.

St Peters Brewery was founded in 1996, but has rapidly made a name for itself producing “traditional” beers in the English sense – milds, bitters etc. The Golden Ale we tried was very smooth, not really fizzy and well bittered. Nothing squinting about this one, just a really mellow beer. We didn’t do it justice having it out of styrofoam cups on Palm Beach – so a return tasting is required. Great t-shirts as well.

The second beer could not be a greater contrast. Erdinger Dunkel comes from the city of Erding. Erdinger Weissbrau claims to be the largest producer of wheat beer. This isn’t their flagship, but I’m pretty sure most Bavarian beer cafes would have this in a bottle or maybe even on tap. The Erdinger glass is particularly stylish and has probably ended up in the luggage of many a pissed tourist.

The beer itself pours a little cloudy, making me think it is unfiltered. It has a fair bit of bite, but despite its darkness alcohol strength (5.6%) and meatiness, it is eminently drinkable. You could sit on this all night, and probably feel pretty good in the morning.