Tiger Beer – a Genuine Singaporean

Simply the best beer to order with Laksa. Though, like any grog you buy in Singapore it isn’t cheap.

After the discovery of Kronenbourg’s Australian origin, BotF now keenly reads the label to see whether the genuine article is being consumed. Happily, we can advise that Tiger is definitely from Singapore. It is a classic clean tasting lager. The hyperbole is that Tiger has over 200 quality checks. That would appear to be excessive, given there is only 4 ingredients in this drop – but if you’ve been to Singapore, you’ll not be surprised at their fastidiousness.

A slogan for Tiger Beer is “It’s Time for a Tiger”, which inspired the name of a novel by the author of “A Clockwork Orange” – Anthony Burgess. What follows is a shamelss lift of what is a very good story from Wikipedia.

“Burgess reveals in his autobiography that, when his Time for a Tiger was published, he asked the manufacturer, then Fraser and Neave, for a complimentary clock with the Tiger beer slogan. The brewery declined to offer this or any other free gift to him. But fourteen years later, when Burgess was more famous, it relented. In 1970, the company offered Burgess a privilege of which he could consume any of their beers free of charge while in Singapore. However, in his own words Burgess wrote in response: “But it was too late. I had become wholly a gin man.””

I would have asked for more than a clock, and would have accepted the subsequent Tiger offer even if I was a gin man. Tiger at Clarke Quay is a must-do experience. The bottletop is also a corker.