Dragonhead – a black beauty from the Orkney Islands

BotF continues to be surprised at the weird and wonderful drops that end up on shelves of bottleshops on the Insular Peninsula. Not sure from where this particular bevvy came from, but if you like a stout, then snaffle this as soon as you see it.

Dragonhead is stout produced by the Orkney Brewery, which can be found in Quoyloo, a village on the Orkney Mainland. This Brewery is owned by a genuine Orcadian and he’s had plenty of fun naming the beers in his range. “Skull Splitter”, named after a 7th century Orcadian Viking, is one I’d love my hands on. Nice double meaning as it is 8.5%.

Dragonhead is a pitch black stout that pours with a dirty brown head. There’s real chocolate in the mix, but it doesn’t impart too much sweetness. Wonderfully hoppy aftertaste and much cleaner and less viscous than the mouth feel of a Aussie Stout (either is a fine experience). This is a fine session stout, as at 4% it doesn’t belt you around like a Coopers Extra Stout.

ps: Today’s beer porn was orchestrated by BotF’s secod daughter. Inspired by the label, she gathered the necessary props from the Cantina and produced this quite superb shot.