Xingu – a Black Brazilian

There seems to be no end to the weird and wonderful beers that can be found in Sydney’s bottle shops. Whilst we’ve had Brazilian beers make BotF, this would have to be one of the most unusual drops to grace these pages. Not counting XXXX Summer Ale, it is also the only beer whose name starts with “X”.

Xingu (pronounced Shin-Goo), looks to be Chinese but is actually named for a tributary of the Amazon. There is a website which tells a very long and involved story about how this beer was founded in 1987 and was based on a recipe dating back to the 1500s. It could all be a little bollocks – but a little bit of Wikipedia and google map research backs it all up.

The beer itself is a fine black beer. It is not as burnt or chocolatey as some, but is very smooth and nicely bitter. It has a really brown almost black colour to it. The other two Brazilian beers we’ve covered were pretty mainstream – this is the polar opposite. If you are into Black Beer, then get into a Xingu – if you can find it.