BotF Bar Review Map relaunch with two Melburnian specials

As previously mentioned, a technical BotF has spent plenty of time coding to make the BotF Bar Review Map update as bar reviews are posted. If you click on a bar hotlinked on the right hand side of the blog, you will be taken to the location of that bar on a Google Map and a review of that bar by a BotF member. As well travelled BotF members, we have now covered Sydney, Manly, Melbourne, Perth (not enough), Beijing, Fuzhou, Bristol, Wollongong, Switzerland, New York and Shunyi. Not bad for a year. After a period of considerable back log updating, the list is up to date. Bars that are posted are contemporaneous with BotF experiencing them.

So to two new bars. BotF had 15 minutes to spare in Melbourne, so we nailed two on King Street. The first was the Great Western. This is a serious punters bar. Very little indication of a bar from the outside, but inside a really well lit bar with all the essentials. Plenty of screens and a TAB. Only two beers – Carlton Draught and Cascade Light on tap. I’m sure that there were stubbies of a different variety, but no time to check.

The second was a little more schizophrenic. The Colonial Hotel by day – a boozer and restaurant – Brown Alley by night – a disco biscuit special. Not really a drinkers bar, but the decorating was amusing.