Induction – Tony from Toowoomba #18

A sublime Sydney evening saw our latest member be inducted. All the way from Toowoomba, via Beijing, Tony has reading about the joys of life on the BotF for some time, and had the opportunity to enjoy it first hand.

We were acutely aware of the wallopers, which does impinge on the enjoyment some what, but other than a perfunctory stroll by the guards – we were undisturbed.

Tony’s answers to the membership questions:

Favourite beverage: James Squire Amber Ale
Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby Union (Tests or Ben and Darce playing for the Beijing Lions)
Area of trivial expertise: Henry Lawson’s poetry (and we got a couple of stanzas)

We made a quick visit to the 4 Pines, which had an Irish Stout as their seasonal beer. If there is a finer winter beer – I’ve not had it. Outstanding. T from T only wishes they had a Beijing outlet.