Schwartz Dark Bier – a big beer from a small brewery

BotF discovered a little bottlo in Lime Street, not far from the Malaya or Cargo Bar, where the owner is clearly not bound by convention or a public listing. More cider for sale than beer and plenty of wine open for tasting. The bottle also had a collection of micro beer drops that aren’t readily available. BotF picked up a couple of beers including this beautiful little chocolate number from one of Sydney’s smallest micro breweries (tautology or really small?) – Schwartz Brewery.

Housed in the “belly” of the Macquarie Hotel on the corner of Goulburn and Wentworth Streets, near Central, Schwartz Brewery has been going for 4 years. The web-site lists 7 beers in the line-up, but they can only brew 4 at once. There’s been a significant change to the brewery with the Head Brewer – Samara Fuss – leaving so recently that the website hasn’t updated the departure. There’s a new Head Brewer on the website – but references to Ms. Fuss litter the site. She’s moved to a new microbrewery called True South in BlackRock, Victoria – which provides another target.

This Dark Bier was awesome – very full flavour with a chocolate intensity more akin to a stout than a dark bier. Unfortunately, I only had a couple of swallows before I was rudely interrupted by the wallopers on the BotF. They didn’t see the offending bottle as I shoved it into my jacket pocket. Had the rest when I arrived home, but by then it was warm. I’d love to try this on tap. Maybe an excursion for later in the year.