Upcoming BotF events – Tony from Toowoomba and Snaketide

Two big events coming up on BotF’s agenda.

Firstly, a great friend of BotF – Tony from Toowoomba – is being inducted as a fully fledged BotF member tomorrow evening. Probably aiming for the 6pm ferry, and we hope that the wallopers won’t be out. T from T is in Sydney for a brief time and will regale us with tales from Beijing. We’ll hunt for a 6 pack of Tsing-tao, but XXXX maybe also on the menu.

Secondly, BotF’s favourite band – Snaketide – has made the grand finals of the Manly Fishos International band competition, which will be held next Tuesday night. We won’t know what time the boys hit the stage as the line-up is determined by a draw on the night. Now, if you miss Myles, Ben, Muzza, Chris and of course Ken on Tuesday night – don’t despair. You can catch them on Friday night 30th playing a 45 minute set also at the Fishos. You can also hear a few of their tracks on jjj unearthed.