New Kross variety and a new bar in an old venue

It was Bastille Day yesterday, but unfortunately BotF was unable to get his hands on some Kronenberg, a beer from Strasbourg, to commemorate the French National Day. BotF was, however, able to break the seal on a magnificent winter drop from a brewer that has graced these pages before – Kross Cerveceria Independiente. Kross Stout was sampled in the very trendy surrounds of Miss Marley’s a new bar that has opened in Manly.

First, the beer. Kross Stout is a cracker. A dry, crisp but full flavoured stout – this is perfect for winter. Kross make 5 varieties, and the boys from Santiago would have to a bloody good job with the other 4 to top this one. This is the second location within Manly that I’ve had a Kross beer – and its popularity deserves to spread.

Miss Marley’s has taken over the space previously occupied by Safety Wolf, a former winner of the currently dormant BotF Bar of the Month awards. This is a smart, compact bar. For mine it is a little too neat. There was a crumpled unkempt charm about Safety Wolf that was particularly appealing. Miss Marley’s does not have anything out of place – but I’m sure it will become a fixture. 2 Kross’s were of the order of $18 which is pretty steep – thank goodness the beer was good. It is marketed as a Tequila Bar and there is a fine range of unique Tequila based cocktails. Very trendy furniture and well decorated walls make it a visual feast. Definitely one at which to commence date night and maybe even stay for the evening, as there is a menu of Mexican and Caribbean treats.