Induction – Kambo #11 – chockas out the back

Two posts for 1 tonight. Firstly, a new member (first for a while) – Kambo (aka Michael Kambersky).
Favourite beverage: – Coopers Pale Ale
Favourite sport to spectate: – “Football” (aka Soccer)
Area of Trivial expertise: – Fishing

Now Kambo is a veteran of BotF and has been cautioned a record breaking 3 times by the authorities. As a result he is one of the two BotF members to have goldstar attached to their membership. The goldstar is given for people that have been fined on the BotF. Not surprisingly, the other goldstar member is the author. Welcome – Kambo. Nice choice of beer by the way – very patriotic.

Now, tonight on BotF space was at a premium. It was almost cheek to jowl stuff. One backpacker almost made that an unusual version of cheek to jowl, with the brevity of skirt – but that is another story. Veteran Botfers almost had to pull rank – but there was just enough room. What caused the squeeze is not known – but it made for a different experience.

Lambo performed magnificently getting 5 from 6 on the 6 pack bottle-top trivia. The only question he missed was one that would have stumped Johnny Tapp or Kenny Callendar. A bloke carrying an Inglis’ Easter Sales guide missed out on this question “Who was the only horse to beat Makybe Diva in 2005?” The answer (who cares) – Lad of the Manor.
We look forward to the darts team’s report.