Fish Fillets Frank

With Spook organising the Royal Easter Show and Norm overseas, The Fish was missing its 2 most experienced players.  (Mind you, Spook doesn’t actually play away games, so attached is he to Manly Fishos).

Up against a strong Time and Tide team starring Huia and Frank, The Fish was soon down 4-1 and Frank,  having smashed 3 pegs, was predicting a Frank Fillets Fish headline. But it was St Pats day and the black gold began to work its magic. The Fish steadied to 5-3 and then won 4 singles on the trot to claim the night 7-5. Once again, Captain Bob had layed out the singles to architect an unlikely win.

Worthy of comment was Marty’s chalking display which left his fingers black as almost every score was corrected and recorrected, often while the darter was darting.  At one point, Marty moved right in front of the board while the darter still had one dart in his hand and double 8 to go. To Marty’s defence, Sharon had only collected 2 of her darts on the throw before, so seeing 3 darts in the board Marty reasoned that was end of turn. Things can get pretty confused after 8 schooners of Guinness.  Anyway, this darter recovered to peg the double 8 and Marty recovered to nail a critical leg in his doubles win with Charlie, so all was forgiven.

Next week home at Fishos and another couple of weeks to survive before The Fish’s mentor and spiritual leader returns.