VB Gold – a medal for last place

Not to be consumed orally

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any company that wins the contract to supply food and beverages at Australian stadiums, is out to gouge customers mercilessly.

I saw David Warner smack the Windies back to the Caribbean on Tuesday last. That was good to watch. What was not a pleasant experience was the beverage on offer.

The successful contractor for food and beverages at the SCG is judged on price. No news here. However, to allow this contractor to gouge consumers is culpable. It is amazing how these contractors can successfully meet the inflexion point where appalling service, bordering on aggressive, meets both food standards that Haitian quake victims would find insulting and prices that even a post-GFC Sydney crowd gasp in pain at.

These guys are at least consistent. Example. Every SCG Swans match. O’Reilly Stand. Southern end food outlet. Without fail, they run out of pies before the bounce. Were they not expecting anyone?

I digress. Actually, no I don’t. The VB Gold. As expected the price of a beer goes up at the grounds each year. In 09 it was $5.80, this year it is $6.00. The added bonus….the beer is now Mid Strength VB Gold. They are having a laugh.

This stuff is so dire I would avoid at all costs. But here’s the conundrum. No other options. And you have to have a few orange whips at the cricket. Un-Australian if you don’t. This drop has a watery, astringent metallic taste that lets me imagine what it would be like to be adrift at sea and having to drink my own urine to survive. It’s what I have to look forward to for another season watching the Bloods.