Sam Smith – a tad too much hyperbole

. Some very impressive labelling and bottle-work had this commentator looking forward to Sam Smith’s Organic Best Ale. I even drank it in a glass. And it wasn’t bad. Beautiful golden colour with a hint of cloudiness gave a hint to the care that had been taken with this beer. At $8.99 a bottle, it’d want to be good. Definite, but delicate malty taste with a long after taste – it is a good beer to have as a starter.

There is a large emphasis on the organic barley and hops used in the process, but what caught my eye was the use of seaweed finings in the process. Now the boys at the Tadcaster brewery are very serious about their beers and I am not to poo-poo the use of unusual ingredients. I am however suspicious of hyperbole when it comes to beer matching certain foods. The boys at Tadcaster reckon their beer is best matched with: crab salad, free range herbed chicken, hummus (sic), smoked salmon and masala. As John Mcenroe said – you cannot be serious? Crab Salad – when was the last time you had a crab salad? Specificying free range herbed chicken? You are kidding – what about a highly spiced piece of Oporto tenferloin – is that okay?

Hopefully in the pommy lock stock style – they’re havin’ a lend – but I’m not so sure.

If I was give a crate of this stuff, I’d gladly accept it – but I’m not paying $8.99 a stubbie – or $150 a slab – again.