Dogbolter – Retro Beer

Back in the late ’80’s before the great crash of 1987, there was an explosion in the variety of beers available in Australia. Australia was flooded with imported beers from far flung places. I’m sure I saw a Norwegian Stout at the British Lion once. There was also a flurry of micro-breweries opening in Oz to take advantage of Aussies trying to outdo each-other at barbies with unusual six packs. Hahn and Balmain Bock opened around this time. Over in the West, awash with cash around the time of the America’s Cup – Matilda Bay was founded. One of their standout drops was Dogbolter.

Now, Matilda Bay has launched a series of beer made in their new brewery in Dandenong. They’ve celebrated the legend of Dogbolter with a re-creation – a throwback beer if you will. Matilda Bay have acknowledged that this Dogbolter is not the same as the beer from the ’80s. That version was so chunky you could carve it and it packed a punch – 6.8% if I re-call. This version is more like a dark lager – and given how good it is – I’ve got no problems with that. Smooth, chocolatey and distinctive. A great beer to drink in winter – but if offered I’d nail it in summer as well.

Maybe we’ll see limited editions of Balmain Bock or Country Special. And if anyone can lay their hands on a cold, gold KB – please send it BotF’s way.