Enough juice to quench the thirsty throng


Session Sunday 6 December 2009
Location Mid Curly
INS Abbidge, Etkin, Logger, Scott, Rooster, Unwin
Wave height 4 ft A frames, better lefts
Wind direction Light side-shore
Crowd 200
Rabbometre 2.5 stars
Water temp 22
Incidents Loggers succubus, snapped leggie, & short-boarder drop-ins
Other First decent swell in aeons

 Watched  the Eddie last night and found the inspiration to log the 6 December ’09 report.

Finally after weeks of slip slops and frothy lattes, the Eddie was called. Curly delivered some of the most memorable waves in eons. Whilst by no means epic, when compared to the offerings of recent months, there was enough juice to quench the thirsty throng.

Lombok Logger, Abbidge, Etkins, Anomolas Scott, Bruce Rooster, and Unwin took to the sea with gusto. Lund – Mr consistency of late was a rare no-show – having overindulged in xmas festivities found himself washing the dog at home.

Finally a swell packed with power and punch to leave a lasting effect long into the afternoon, hours after the last thrashing and battle paddle back to the line-up had passed. Only the occasional fleeting flash of glimpsed memory of a cutting rail, a hissing deck, a sweeping bottom turn and the remnant reminder of aching shoulders, sore necks, and salty entendre.

Lombok Logger illustrated to the assembled throng his mastery of the Succubus. The woman with the trembling hands had him under her spell. Early on he positioned himself alongside Unwin to launch into a rearing face….alack and alas said face arose far quicker than the lads had anticipated…though perhaps not logger..he was here to display the Succubi…as both lads sat arrears and lifted the nose aloft while facing shoreward to pull their steads back from impending doom….Unwin felt the surge of the face and muscled his way through to the back of the beast….looked left and to his horror found logger nowhere to be seen…logger reported that he had wrestled the beast in earlier said position …arrears on his seat and pounding down the wall……a mighty effort…..unfortunately a repeat of this manouevre late in the session led to the severing of his cord and an inglorious exit from the line-up….much to the chagrin of the balding shortboarder who logger had been in a session long tussle of drop-in interference.

Abbidge found his rythym early…peaking at his second effort before losing his mojo in the latter stages. 

Unwin was exhausted having been assigned ‘the log’ for the morning. Getting that 40 kilo beast around the park is akin to playing with the medicine ball, though the lead in its belly ensures screaming lines and dependable result. Unwins last was his best. Overhead late take-off expecting a wipeout inadvertently into a rail grab whereupon ‘the log’s’ leadbelly did its job…bit into the rearing steepening face…allowed Unwin to arise and esssssssssssssssssssssss his way to shore.