Updates to the BotF Bar Map

A quiet week for the BotF boys, but on Friday one of the founders made sure that the Bar Map had at least one update.  What was unique about the update was that it was the first not to feature either Charlie or Patrick.  Nice to see some diversity coming into the Map.

We always welcome contributors to the BotF Bar Map.  The rules are pretty straight forward.  If you are BotF member, then you can upate the BotF Bar Map.

To become a BotF member, you simply have to join one the BotF founders on the BotF, have your photo taken, answer a couple of questions and enjoy a couple of post work sherbets.

To update the map (or as it otherwise known – Empty a Schooner), we simply require photographic evidence of your presence at the relevant establishment – and a critique (short or as long as you like).

The attached photo is an example of what we are after.  We’ll hotlink the venue (if it has a website) and we’ll note updates on the BotF blog.