BotF meets Dave Faulkner

BotF had the extreme good fortune to meet one of the all time legends of Orstrayan Rock and Roll – Dave Faulkner.  BotF was at a function in Balmain when he noticed that without much fanfare, Dave was suddenly standing next to him.  What then happened is a moment to treasure as the great man was called up to sign Like Wow Wipeout.  He talked about how the song was written (last minute job – not even considered for the album) and then clicked into gig mode and wailed it out.   He was ably assisted by 50 blokes off their trees going nuts on the aah aahs.  He then delivered Come Anytime (Mainly because it was the next song on the CD).

BotF approached the great man to ask about a couple of tracks – and the head Guru responded with great humility.  Amazing to meet him and it is worth going to see them again live.