Eventful on the BotF

Classic trip home tonight which sums up why the BotF is the place to be on the way home.  Big topics covered – NSW politics, World Cup draw, TAB apple app, Will’s new contract, Chelski’s CC loss, Calypso Collapso amongst others.

Plenty of boats about, and one decided to capsize about 300m from where the ferry docks at Manly.  There was nowhere for the ferry to go, so we simply had to stop.  We watched the hapless two person crew endeavour to right their craft.  The BotF boys helped by counting down the attempts to get their boat upright.  Finally the crew got their act together and the Ferry was able to complete its journey.

So much traffic around Manly Wharf – dragon boats, surf boats, sail boats and tinnies.  Best spot to view all of that – BotF.

 Over we go
From Turn & Home Run