BotF boys – is there anything they can’t do?

Not long after their darts triumph, some of the BotF boys added another trophy to the cabinet. Charlie, Chris and the latest member Tom brought home the bacon at their company’s awards function – winning team of the week/month/quarter or something like that. Their win was celebrated by a strong gathering on the BotF. The journey was further enlivened by the tail end of the swell that hit Sydney’s coast line this morning. The tell-tale signs of salt encrusted on the stern indicated the size of the swell that hit the harbour in the morning.

The BotF boys (we are still looking for our first female member) enjoyed the sight of the Gem of Segana which has been parked off of Point Piper for over a week now. There was considerable debate about what to do with the Gem. Suggestions included sinking it or turning it into a floating housing commission apartment block. The most practical idea was for the residents of Point Piper to buy and move it away if they are so pissed off by its presence.