BotF Boys end up going head to head at the Time & Tide!

With the regular Darts comp finishing in the last fortnight, some more unusual tournaments spring up on the insular peninsula Darts circuit.  Last night it was Drawn Doubles at the Time & Tide.

If you’ve never put your life in another man’s hands then depending on your partner for a critical peg is possibly the next best thing.

You partner is drawn out of a hat. One A-grader and one B-grader per team.

Generally, an A-grader is someone with an average of 50 or more (per 3 darts) but this might be adjusted on the night to form the teams.

Charlie was paired with Dave and Lambo with Johnny B.

Dave is a non-drinker but Charlie seemed to get on with him anyway. It helps that Dave  gets a plethora of 140s and clinical pegs. Imagine how good he could be.

Johhny B sprays them but gets a surprising number of pegs.

The pairs were split in to 2 leagues of 5 pairs. After the league stage, the winner of each league plays the runner up of the other league in a best of 3 legs semi.

Then the semi winners play off in a best of 3 legs final. To cut a long story, after an emotional and thirst-quenching evening, it was Charlie vs Lambo in the grand final.

Also, each player has to score (still known as ‘chalking’) at least one game. Charlie, normally gets out of this job because he’s always at the bar, but there was no escaping last night.

No Excel to add and subtract the scores. Perhaps Charlie, overlearned the value of horizontal lines in a unique and rivetting chalking display.

Anyway, clinical Dave did a beautiful triple 18, double 18 combo to peg out from 90 in the first leg with Lambo’s team still on 200 or so. The 2nd leg turned into a double one-athon before Lambo finally nailed it. The deciding leg had a plethora of tonnes and both te

A central double 2 wrapped it up.

Celebrations and congratulations were demonstrated in the traditional fashion.