Frothy barrels of liquid gold


surf coffee by Pete Barr-Watson.
As you can see above the lads enjoyed some gnarly stuff on Sunday…frothy barrels of liquid gold…..
Nada surf.
At least Aikin and Finn did the Tony Abbot and plunged the ocean in designer dick-sticka’s before hitting the latte’s hard.
A visit to Curlies Cafe ensued to thrash out the big issues, which entailed matters such as where and when the next overseas surf trip would be….but perhaps more importantly when and where the inaugural ‘Surf Jamboree’ would take place. 
Crescent seemed to be the favoured venue for a 4 day re-cleave (i’d been in and outta choppas now for months) in late May / early June of 2010. – Stay tuned.