Security Guards on the 5.30pm and the Fast Ferry

Since the advent of the Fast Ferry, the presence of security guards on the BotF has been non existent. Unfortunately, this changed on the 5.30pm this evening. A beautiful evening was being had – Friday and fine weather – what more could one want. The guard came around 5 minutes into the journey, looked at us crestfallenly and said “Please – no drinking”. We begrudgingly capped our beverages and waited for her to move on. What she did next surprised us. Instead of going back inside she hid around the corner of the back (see photo) called base and made copious notes. She eventually moved.

The absurdity of this became only too apparent when the fast ferry ranged up along side. Three stories of deck where patrons were clearly enjoying a couple of post work libations (see photo) and the supporters of public transport are being scrutinised as they endeavour to do the same.

She made a final run at 5.55pm, but by then everyone ignored her. More notes in her book and a muttered word that police would be at the wharf. Needless to say – no-one at the other end, but clearly the intra union deal hasn’t been communicated yet. The guard may have been new and hasn’t learnt the ropes – but it simply isn’t good enough.

Stay tuned