Darts Triumph for BotF

 The Winners - click for larger version On Wednesday night, I had the good fortune to watch two of the BotF crew play in the Lower Northern Beaches Open Men’s Division B Grand Final. Lambo and Charlie were representing the Manly Fishos along with Norm, Bob, Matt and Craig. Their foes on the night were the Dee Why Builders and the neutral venue was the Time & Tide. For those unacquainted with team darts, there 9 games of doubles and games of 6 singles. Doubles first then singles. When I had arrived Lambo and Normie had vanquished their opponents and a clearly pumped Fishos had skipped to a 3 – 0 lead. The Builders came thundering back and despite Lambo registering another win with Norm, the doubles ended at 5 – 4 to the Builders.

There was considerable tension and Charlie, who was in his first darts GF, was really feeling the nerves. To win, you have to hit a double (peg out) that takes your score to zero. It seemed that Charlie would never peg out on the night, and he was employing a time honoured darts technique of calming the nerves with a couple of schooners. Finally after all 4 players had had about 4 cracks each at pegging out – Charlie nailed a double 4. His relief was palpable. Heading into the singles, Fishos needed to win from 6 to win the GF. Charlie’s great fear was that he would be in the last game with it all hanging on the line. Again he sought to calm his nerves in the time-honoured way.

 Six! Well, Charlie needn’t have worried. Norm and Lambo each dusted their opponents 2 – 0 in record time. No inhibitions as he gloried in 6 peg outs on the night and an undefeated run. Matt and Craig stepped up to the stripe and then also proceeded to demolish their opposition – Matt being particularly swift in his win. Suddenly it was all over, and the Fishos had won with two games to spare. Charlie was probably the happiest bloke in the room, and celebrated accordingly. First season in – part of a winning GF team. Norm deserves special mention. He’d had chemo earlier in the day, and a particular raucous argument between the kitchen staff and some regulars played havoc with his hearing aids during a critical point in his singles match – but he overcame those adversities to be undefeated. He then starred further by driving the lads home.

Good sportsmanship all round, and commiserations were given to the vanquished Builders in the only appropriate way – Schooners. Tough decision for the boys as they chose between an embroidered polo shirt or a trophy. I am glad to advise that Charlie chose the shirt, Lambo the trophy and they’ll feature in a future photo. Tide & Time were very hospitable and laid on a fine array of deep fried stuff and party pies. Looking forward to future GFs and new venues.
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