Induction – Jackson #125


Jackson rounded off our trio of inductees. Inductee #37 and I had the good fortune to bump into Jackson in San Diego, where we blew the froth off more than a couple of uniques. I was quite glad to bail on that night early as Jackson and Inductee #37 tried to get home on Byrd scooters and ended up riding down a freeway and being abused by motorists.

Jackson is also a very responsible barman at 21sts.

Favourite beverage: Pinot

Favourite sport to spectate: Surfing

Area of Trivial Expertise: Space

Favourite pub and why: There’s a pub on a jungle track in Thailand, which had cliffs that I vomited over. Incredible venue

Induction crew

Induction ceremony performed by #1, #37, #100 and #117 on the MV Collaroy. Post induction frivolities conducted at the 4 Pines BrewPub